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How to create a CSR for a Hostpoint FreeSSL Certificate

While let's encrypt ist still planning and regularly postponing their automated DV SSL CA launch, Hostpoint, in cooperation with Symantec, got their FreeSSL initiative flying. Every customer can get domain validated Symantec SSL certificates generated, signed and installed in just one click for their websites. For Free. It's goten realy fast and simple to get an SSL certificate up an running for Hostpoint customers websites.

But... it's not only webhosting customers who can get a free SSL Certificate but also anyone who's registered his domain with Hostpoint, even when he hosts his website somewhere else. The only hurdle one has to take is to create a suitable SSL Certificate Request AKA CSR himself.

So here's the commandline to create a matching CSR for the domains with the subjectAlternativeNames and for Hostpoint customers.

Of course you know you'll have to replace the domain names with your desired ones, as well as the County "XX" with you Country Code... Noooo, no. The Country does not get signed, but it seems to be necessary to get the certificate approved and validated by Symantec.

openssl req -nodes -new -newkey rsa:2048 -sha512 -out csr.pem -subj '/C=XX/,'

And of course you know about the sensitivity of TLS certificates private keys, as well as how to engage your newly created digital identity on your website, mail- or jabberserver or your NAS at home. ;-)