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Linux Boot Images for sparc64

Ever wantet to make a custom boot image for linux/sparc64? Here's the way.

The easiest way ist to take an existing boot image and to alter it to fit your needs. Lets say you want to use a new, custom built kernel along with a Debian netist. You've downloaded the image to /tmp/debian-testing-sparc-netinst.iso

Since the ISO-9660 cannot be written directly we have to make the contents available in a temporary local, writable drirectory (/tmp/sparc64/):

Now we have our writable copy of the image and can do whatever we want to. For instance place our new kernel:

We're almost done. Creating the bootable image is all what's left to do:

The image /tmp/boot.img can now be burnt onto a CD-ROM to boot your SUN with.